About us


Atlas Taxi is a driver-owned incorporated company. While we are not officially a co-operative, most of the drivers are share-holders in the company.

We consider this ownership structure to be one of the strengths of the company which has contributed to its success. Many of the drivers have a personal stake in the advancement of the organization, and this is reflected in the high quality of service we provide.



We began operation on June 1, 1988 with a simple desk telephone, one simplex radio station on the roof of our building, and a fleet of 30 compact cars based entirely in Westmount.

Despite the recession of the early 90’s, and the difficult situation, our company has shown constant, steady growth throughout its 24 years history.

We provide taxi service throughout the West End and the downtown core with 215 vehicles. All our vehicles are large cars. More than 100 are fully equipped luxury cars hybrid (2 years old or less). We also have some mini-vans available for light moving jobs.

In the last twelve months we received and dispatched more than 800,000 calls. To handle this volume of traffic we now operate using 30 phone lines and three radio channels broadcasting from our new transmitter on the top of the mountain. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS system.

Our company deals with both residential and commercial customers. Until their closing, we dealt with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (from 1991) and the Reddy Memorial Hospital (from 1992). Among our current accounts are the prestigious accounting firm Ernst & Young, Canada Post, the Meimonides Hospital in Cote St-Luc, the MacKay Center, many West End seniors’ homes and organizations, and all the Westmount private schools.

On contract we have provided service to the adapted transport department of the STM (from 1993). At its peak, the latter contract generated more than one million dollars of revenue annually for our drivers.


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