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They allow their drivers to abuse woman and dont do anything about it. I cannot believe what I just read below and the company is not taking it seriously. I hope that no WOMAN ever uses their services again!!!! Uber is safer than this disgusting company. No manners, uneducated and just disgusting.
STAY AWAY as you might be next!!!!

No need to disclose

lost my cellphone

hello, i lost my cell phone in one of your cabs this early morning aprox 5 am…in front of mc Donalds on de la montagne corner rue des canadiens. the driver was race arabic and wearing a haywain type shirt…very nice we were 4 passenger one tall men in the front seat he drove us to ile des soeurs. condo buildings in front of bell building.
i left it in the front with driver as he was charging it for me.

please contact me at 5144334688 ask for pierina

thank you

pierina angela

Abuse Follow-Up 6

Now, we are August 8th, the manager for Atlas decides to give me a call; keeping in mind my repost on their Facebook page yesterday. He starts off by apologizing for not calling on the day promised and blamed construction holiday. BULLSHIT!!!! I am here calling and writing reviews in regards to your “trusted” driver who put his hands on me and you couldn’t pick up the phone for 5 minutes to give me a simple update?

According to the manager, Driver Mekonnen F. 35212 was found NOT guilty. Why? Because you guys do NOT take complaints seriously.

I will NEVER EVER take a taxi ride from Atlas EVER!

To top it all off, he began arguing with me and cutting me off when I asked him why he stated that Mekonnen F. was a new driver whom he has never met but CJAD spoke to the driver and was told that he was working with Atlas for 9 years. He lied! He stated that he never told me that however he was on speaker and the third person confirmed that he did indeed say he was a new driver based off of his ID number. The manager told me what I wanted to hear on the first day so that I can remove my review.

He also told me that the driver stated that there must have been a misunderstanding? WHAT HE POSSIBLY MISUNDERSTAND BUT STILL PUT HIS HANDS ON ME TO PUSH ME THEN DRAG ME OUT OF HIS CAR LATER ON?

The manager stated that I should have gone to bureau de taxi? Oh, I did! However the person in charge of complaints was on vacation and has now returned, so this is definitely going to court! It’s just funny how the manager told me that they told take cases like this lightly and that justice will be served in the meeting they held.

Mahkeda Newton

Abuse Follow-Up 5

I am now blocked from reposting my review that they deleted on Atlas’ Facebook page. You guys know you are in the wrong.. And have done nothing to fix it. Therefore you block me?

Mahkeda Newton

Abuse Follow-Up 4


Mahkeda Newton